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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

This is my perpetual goal going forward, to marry who I am personally with who I am professionally. This is particularly critical to me as an artist. Curating vision is such a fine science. The vision is the personal part, and the curation is the professional part. Harnessing a storm of thoughts that come when they will and stay if you’re skilled enough to materialize them in the medium of your discipline, also to be at peace with whatever form they take. What you see in your mind is not always what manifests. I’ve learned to really appreciate that part of being a creator. Taking what comes. It’s also a pleasure of mine to help wrestle clients’ thoughts down to earth and give voice to the shrouded colors they don’t have the vocabulary to use themselves, making a funnel for the undefined to share with an audience.

I also don’t believe I can be truly effective professionally, if I don’t pour myself into something personally. Not emotionally, but honestly. I’ve found that the more transparent I am about me, the more relatable I am to others. I hope you enjoy watching me explore the inner weirds of my creativity, and trust me to help you show others yours!

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